understanding of their mind-body connection

Children respond very well and quickly to Craniosacral Therapy. It’s safe, gentle, and non-invasive. Developing children are receptive to all new input. Restrictions in a child’s body created during the birthing experience, falls, sports injuries, car accidents, surgery, and emotional trauma slow children’s ability to absorb and process new input. It can affect a child’s physical and emotional health and limit their full potential. Craniosacral Therapy facilitates significant changes that positively improve the child’s quality of life. And addressing health issues immediately prevents small patterns of dysfunction from becoming amplified over the years affecting more and more areas of the body.

School-age children begin to experience stress due to the pressures of the school environment, sporting activities, or just the busy lifestyle of our modern world. Children often show that stress by being overly active, a lack of focus, or being overly emotional. Craniosacral Therapy helps restore balance to the Central Nervous System. Children receiving Craniosacral Therapy grow in understanding of their mind-body connection; a gift of self-care they will take into their adulthood.

Craniosacral therapy is helpful in the following conditions:

Focus & Attention Issues

Sports Injuries

Acute/Chronic Effects of Stress & Tension



Digestive Problems

Aches & Pains

What Patients are Saying…

I really enjoyed my craniosacral therapy session with Kathleen Yow-Wells. I had my second ceserian birth three months ago and my body was not feeling 100%. Kathleen was able to rebalance so much and also let me know some weak points that are going on. I’m now taking proactive steps to continue the healing process. Thank you!

Katie W.

Kathleen is a truly gifted practitioner. I have seen every type of professional for an old back injury. I had just resigned myself to dealing with chronic pain. With Kathleen, I feel that she can make some permanent changes.

Kristina YS.

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