Frequently Asked Questions

What shall I wear?

You can remain fully clothed for Craniosacral treatments. For abdominal massage, I do ask that you wear loose clothing around your abdomen and no underwire bras. Some patients just prefer to get unclothed and tucked beneath the linens all comfy cozy. Clothed or unclothed, under the linens or on top, your safety and comfort are always respected.

Do you accept medical insurance?

We are not accepting new medical patients at this time. Some insurance companies accept out-of-network health care providers. You are responsible for payment at the time of service and follow-up with the insurance company regarding reimbursement. I provide a superbill for you to submit.

What’s an appointment like?

We will take a few minutes before your table time. If this is your first visit, we will go over your completed Intake Form together. I want to know what issues you are dealing with, how long, what you’ve tried/or haven’t tired, treatment expectations/goals, and how we can co-create your health journey together. For repeat clients, I will always ask how you felt after the last session. What you noticed, or didn’t notice? The goal is always to support you to sink into a deeper level of awareness and embodiment between sessions as your body returns to health.

Once on the table, you don’t have to do anything! I welcome your physical body and its Divine Intelligence to the session with a conscious and respectful touch. Your body will dictate the session all the while prioritizing and addressing your concerns and affecting change.


What should I expect afterward?

These treatments work from the inside out and are powerful. You may feel very relaxed, quiet, spacious, even a bit altered after these treatments. Craniosacral sets up a process in the system that continues to repair, restore, and integrate for up 48 hours. Try to give yourself extra time to allow your body to feel, rest, extra water, and light walking all facilitate this healing process. With the Chi Nei Tsang and Lymphatic Drainage work, you may experience a slight detoxification reaction such as headaches, light flu-type symptoms which is a good thing. Support your body by drinking extra water, Epsom salts or baking soda baths, or colon hydrotherapy

Do you do traditional massage?

We do not do traditional Swedish or deep-tissue massage.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends, of course, because we’re all so different. How old are you? What is your constitution like, how long have you had your symptoms? Are your symptoms compounded by high stress, previous injuries, dehydration, deficiency of nutrients, or toxicity? You will notice a change within the first couple of sessions. For chronic and/or compounded issues, expect to need more sessions for your system to health and vitality.

How often should I come in?

If your symptoms are significant, even debilitating and frequent, you will want to come in at least once a week, preferably twice a week until your system has returned to health. If your symptoms are moderate to low, one treatment a week or every other week until health is restored will be sufficient. I tell my clients if we lived in an ideal world where time and money weren’t a concern, this is the frequency I would like to see you. But, even more important than frequency is consistency. If you can only come once a month, great, it will just take a little longer.

Craniosacral Therapy is a much-needed valuable resource for restoration/repair of your nervous system. It dissipates stress, balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, and boosts the immune system. It helps us regain our grounding at a very core level be it physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Will these treatments interfere with other therapy I’m may be receiving?

No, these therapies will only complement and boost any other therapy.

I include time for intake before your table time starts.  I may ask you health related questions and perform a standing palpation that helps me assess the focus of the treatment.

Besides welcoming your physical body to the table with conscious touch, you will receive my kindness, presence, and acceptance as I navigate with my felt sense through the many layers.  I don’t use many words during a treatment but you are always welcome to ask questions. Your comfort and ease are important.

You can also expect me to address your goals, while prioritizing the quietest and most potent source of health throughout your entire being.  

Many people feel quiet and spacious after a session.  Sometimes there will be physical symptoms as the body integrates the work.  After a session, please drink water and give yourself some unscheduled time to allow your body to feel and process.  This is important as it helps stabilize the change for long term effect.

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