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Often clients come in frustrated having tried so many therapies. Experiencing pain associated with migraines, neck, shoulders, low back, and dealing with an inordinate amount of stress. Craniosacral Therapy is recognized for the depth of its therapeutic effects and its’ ability to resolve issues not helped by other modalities. It is gentle and non-invasive, yet affects major changes in physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

CranioSacral Therapy

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Chi Nei Tsang

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Happy Guts Self-Massage Workshop

With Kathleen Yow-Wells, LMT
Eastside Wellness Center
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Saturday, June 17, 2023
9 AM – 3 PM

Where: Trillium Acupuncture · Kirkland WA
Investment: $175 (pre-registration required)
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limit 6 workshop participants.

Happy Guts class is based on the practice of Chi Nei Tsang, a form of abdominal massage developed by Taoist monks in ancient China. Modern Chi Nei Tsang is abdominal organ massage meant to aid elimination & detoxification while building gut health and vitality and stabilizing emotions through release of tension.

We live in a fast-paced stressful world. Fast food, prolonged sitting, and forever ‘to do’ lists, undigested emotions, and chemicals play havoc with our nervous and digestive systems. Our gut function directly affects our basic levels of physical health, emotional well-being, and overall vitality. With Chi Nei Tsang we become aware of ways we can maintain it ourselves. Abdominal self-massage is an excellent tool for improving and maintaining overall gut health and an excellent tool to move stress, tension, and unexpressed emotion through our systems.

During our time together, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the digestive system works, what can go wrong, and how to support your own digestive health and emotional well-being through slow mindful belly massage. We will learn and experience the power of breath, gut awareness, and purposeful abdominal self-touch to reduce tension, pain, and discomfort.

You will learn a ‘your hands on your guts’ self-care routine for daily use. This can be wonderful for all family members, young and elderly alike. Learning resources will be provided. If you want to learn life-long tools to take care of and love your guts and diminish symptoms of digestive discomfort, this class is for you.

Kathleen Yow-Wells, LMT

“Respectful, patient, and skilled touch allows the body to release patterns of tension that hold trauma.”


The WA state mask mandate is being lifted for all healthcare facilities April 3,2023. Please feel free to mask if you want. Thanks for your cooperation through these last few years! Kathleen

I really enjoyed my craniosacral therapy session with Kathleen Yow-Wells. I had my second cesarian birth three months ago and my body was not feeling 100%. Kathleen was able to rebalance so much and also let me know some weak points that are going on. I’m now taking proactive steps to continue the healing process. Thank you!