Lymphatic Drainage

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. Like blood vessels, human lymphatic systems are networks of vessels, ducts, nodes, and organs that circulate lymph fluid throughout the body as it nourishes and detoxifies cells. In many cases, stagnant lymph causes accumulation of toxins that cause low energy levels, fatigue, mood swings, and lowered immunity which can lead to disease conditions if left unchecked.

Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage in which the therapist manually moves lymph through vessels to assist the client’s own process of moving stagnant lymph fluid.  Lymph drainage is a powerful method of detoxification that causes a significant improvement in the function of the immune system.

    Most Common Reasons for Compromised Lymphatic Flow:

    Lack of exercise

    humans needs muscle contractions – exercise – to move lymph fluid throughout the body

    Surgery and Trauma

    Poor Diet Choices

    increase congestion and produce excess waste for the lymphatic system


    Compromised Quality of Air, Water, Food

    cause accumulations of carcinogens and metabolic waste products of pollution, pesticides, chemicals and preservatives in cleaning/grooming products and all forms of environmental exposure

    Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy:

    Reduce swelling and inflammation after injury and surgery

    Reduce lymphedema after a mastectomy

    Reduce arthritis symptoms

    Diminish headaches and migraines

    Improves digestion/sluggish elimination

    Detoxification from medications, drugs, chronic congestion

    What Patients are Saying…

    During my 3 year battle with Stage 4B Ovarian cancer, I’ve undergone several rounds and types of chemo as well as brain radiation. I was having continual neck pain and a sluggish lymphatic system. I reached out to Eastside Wellness and with Kathleen Yow-Wells’ lymphatic drainage my neck pain subsided and my lymphatic system got a much needed kick-start! What i didn’t realize is how much it would improve my digestive system. I’m extremely happy with all my results and continue to go! Best part is when I leave my appts. I feel energized and positive!!  


    Kathleen customizes wellness programs using a variety of healing modalities, with a practice that spans 35 years of experience. With a focus on addressing chronic musculoskeletal conditions, pain, and the effects of trauma, her modalities include Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Chi Nei Tsang, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue therapy, and/or Aroma Acupoint Therapy. (She also works with children and teens.) I have frequently experienced Kathleen’s expertise as a ‘body-talker’ and highly recommended her services.

    I was fortunate enough to have a friend refer me to Kathleen. Kathleen is just the type of CS/”insert name of other treatments” you want. She listens. Not only to me, but to my body. And then, results! I enjoy significant Improvement in both digestion and arthritis pain. Kathleen is the best person to accompany you on the journey towards better health. 


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