As of September 2, 2014, Eastside Wellness Center is delighted to announce we will join our office with Synergy Wellness Center at 515 Kirkland Way just south of Park Place Mall and ½ mile from our location of 20 years. It’s a lovely, tranquil healing environment which keeps in tradition with our original vision of a professional, peaceful, and supportive environment for our patients with a focus on healing bodywork and wellness education. And we have free parking for your convenience.

Eastside Wellness Center was established in 1987 in downtown Kirkland on Park Lane Avenue. Since 1994, Eastside Wellness Center has been the exclusive office of Kathleen Yow-Wells, LMP and Judy Dansdill, MA, LMP and various other practitioners located just a few blocks south of downtown.

Our focus and intent is therapeutic massage and bodywork personalized for your needs. Our goal for you is recovery! A pain-free existence, a more active lifestyle, and equipped with customized wellness tips for ongoing prevention and quality of life.

We are happy to collaborate with your Referring Physician and Personal Injury Attorney to insure a well-rounded approach to your healing and recovery.

We accept many forms of insurance; please click here for more information.

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