Car Accident

accident-151668_640Motor Vehicle Accidents often referred to as MVA’S happen frequently and cause significant physical and emotional trauma affecting many areas of your life and well-being. This is a crucial time to receive proper care which includes Craniosacral Therapy. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms following a car accident, please call us.

  • Headaches
  • Back/Low Back Pain
  • Neck/Shoulder/Arm Pain & Stiffness
  • Restricted Range Of Motion
  • Burning Or “Pins & Needles” Sensations, Tingling, or Numbness
  • Poor Sleep Or Fatigue, Depression, Irritability, Difficulty With Concentration
  • Digestive Upsets

Immediately after an auto accident, the profound relaxation benefits of Craniosacral Therapy (CST) reverse the effects of the trauma on your central nervous system. CST settles your brain back into your skull. It facilitates the relaxation of restrictions and compressions in the fascia allowing space for muscles to relax. It promotes circulation of blood, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluid allowing the inflammation to subside. Specific injuries are addressed such as neck pain, headaches, whiplash, back pain, shoulder sprains/strains, hip pain, etc. Therapeutic bodywork helps restore and improve range of motion and prevent myofascial adhesions and the formation of scar tissue. Receiving proper treatment now will eliminate musculoskeletal issues later on in life.

If you were involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) in the State of Washington, your medical expenses are covered under PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance unless you request otherwise. It applies whether you, or another driver were at fault, or if you were a pedestrian or on your bike. It is your legal right to choose the practitioner(s) you want to work with. We will work in close communication with your Attending Physician through all stages of treatment.
On your first appointment, please bring:

  • Prescription with diagnostic code(s) from attending physician (MD, DO, ND, or DC)
  • Insurance information including mailing address, phone number, Incident Claim #, and the Adjustor’s name and phone number.
  • Patient Intake and additional forms found below and on the Client Forms page.

Eastside Wellness Center Patient Intake Form

EWC Intake Form Additional MVA Forms
Other Forms