Maryn Spangler

Licensed Massage Therapist

Maryn began her journey into the healing arts after a profound healing of her own.

Sick for over a month, losing weight and vitality, she was led to a healer who combined Reiki and Reflexology to create a beautiful blend of healing support. Maryn experienced a deep, profound sense of relaxation and felt very different after the session.

Maryn had received Reiki before, but never with such profound effects. The session had shifted something so deeply inside, she noticed changes for several months. This led to many questions, ‘What had been different about this session?’ ‘What is the nature of healing itself?’ And, ‘I want to do that for others, be that catalyst for a healing change’.

Maryn began to study different healing modalities, and found Craniosacral Therapy or Craniosacral found her! She finds this gentle modality provides a grounded approach to healing a person’s whole system, acknowledges the body’s own inherent healing impulse, and supports the process back to health however needed.

Attending Massage Therapy Training and Craniosacral Therapy Training at Bastyr University concurrently. Since graduation, she has built a clinical practice in Therapeutic Massage and Craniosacral Therapy. She works with Chiropractors of varying backgrounds, exercise specialists, and other alternative healthcare practitioners.

Passionate about her work, she is constantly exploring the deeper nature of true healing, a process that is both beautifully simple and complex at the same time. The healer learns from each person she works with. Maryn invites you to join her in your healing journey.

A session with Maryn is an exploration into the unique needs of your body, a body that is different from every other body in the world. It reacts to its unique history and the connections to its environment in its own individual way. Wholeness is your natural state. Through Maryn’s unique healing blend, you will learn to connect to your body, appreciate the health of your system, and experience healing that comes from this connection.

Maryn has extensive experience with the following conditions:

• Stress, Tension and Anxiety
• Prenatal and Postpartum
• Chronic Pain including Back & Neck Pain
• Headaches, Migraines
• Trauma
• Pre and Post Surgery

Maryn’s Education & Training


• Licensed Massage Therapist through Bellevue Massage School
• Craniosacral Therapy – Level 1: The Fascia System Body & Head (Bastyr University)
• Craniosacral Therapy – Level 2: The Bones of the Skull, Face & Mouth (Bastyr University)
• CranioSacral Therapy Level 3: Somatic-Emotional Release (Bastyr University)
• Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, Talking to the Heart with Etienne Piersman (Bastyr University)
• Pre and Perinatal Massage Therapy with Carole Osbourne (Bastyr University)